Junk Cars Blown Engine

According to experts, a blown out engine is  a situation wherein the engine itself has suffered total catastrophic failure. The engine does not actually blow up but it is possible to notice, steam, smoke and on rare occasions even fire.  Here is a guide to know if your car has suffered or will suffer a blown out engine real soon.

What Happens?

Most of the time a blown out engine is usually in the form of a valve breaking and then punching through the piston resulting in a hole.  A damaged valve is extremely hot, combine that with pressurized oil and blue smoke shooting out of your car and you have a blown out engine.

Symptoms to Look For

Check Engine Light

Most people just simply ignore this thinking it is something minor or electrical. If that little light on the dashboard suddenly glows, get the car to the mechanic ASAP so they can plug in a scanner and read the error code.

Car Using a Lot of Oil

If you notice that you are topping oil more often than usual, chances are you could have a blown head gasket or a leak somewhere. Losing oil is bad as this can lead to a blown out engine. Make sure the leak is found or the source of the burning oil is determined and get it fixed ASAP before you have an engine blow out. In the meantime grab a rental car from a reputable company so you don’t cause further damage.

Burning Coolant

If there is no coolant, the engine may be running too hot resulting to burning oil or worse case scenario it could seize all-together. Causes could be anywhere between a blown head gasket, damaged cylinder head or worse a crack in the engine block. Look for the presence of thick white smoke as that is a positive sign of coolant burning.

Bad Fuel Economy

If you notice that your car suddenly consumes more gas than usual better have it checked at once as the problem could be the engine.

Odd Smoke from Exhaust

  • Black smoke – means burning too much gas or diesel
  • White smoke – means burning coolant
  • Blue smoke – means burning too much oil.

Here is a quick YouTube video showing someone with a blown engine and smoke coming from her car.


If you find that your car has most of the symptoms of an impending blown out engine and it is a much older car out of warranty, the best option maybe to simply sell it to a junk my car company. Usually a better option rather than spend thousands of dollars and more than the cars worth to get it fixed.